Seniors Prep for Life Beyond Clear Brook

Seniors Prep for Final Year at Clear Brook
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by Raneem Abukmail

Senior year, is not only fun-filled year, but it is also a busy year for the Wolverines in their final year at Clear Brook.

When it comes down to that final year in high school, seniors have to start preparing for colleges and what they want to pursue for their future.

It’s time to start reaching for that goal they have in mind for their future, whether they want to teach a math class or cure cancer. Senior Drew Adams would like to go to college in Louisiana to pursue a career as a doctor.

“After I graduate I would like to attended college, the college I want to attend is Xavier University in New Orleans, and I would like to be a doctor,” said Adams.

There are many classes offered here at Clear Brook that help the seniors figure out what they want to do in their future. Senior Shay Stuffer is getting a leg up on her post-high school studies by taking Duel Credit college courses.

“I’m doing Duel Credit, so I’m getting my English, government, and economics out of the way,” said Stuffer.

Councilors are a great asset to our students here at Brook, especially to the seniors. In fact, our councilors have a lot to offer to Clear Brook students, whether it is help figuring what you want to do in the future or filling out college applications.

Career Councilor Gretchen Jefferies said seniors mainly go to her for college application questions, teacher recommendation questions, and anything with college acceptance.

“They mainly come to me when they have college application questions, teacher recommendation questions, anything that has to do with college acceptance,” said Jefferies.

Every student here at Brook has a different way for reaching their desired goal, senior Zaid Almubaid’s way for reaching his goal is applying to colleges and doing well in school.

“I plan on reaching my goal by applying to UT and A&M and getting in, and making sure I do well in high school,” said Almubaid.

Clear Brook has recently added a new advanced course offered for juniors and seniors called AP Seminar taught by AP World History teacher Mr. Michel Harris. AP Seminar is a class that will help students who want to look into graduate school options, get introduced into research with group projects and collaboration, and it is also to help seniors get comfortable with college-level research.

“This class is a great opportunity to be introduced to research with a lot of group components, collaboration, and starts to get you prepared so that as a Senior you start to feel more confident in your research,” said Harris.

Junior Wyatt Miles took AP Seminar because he is a big fan of history and social studies and also because he likes Mr. Harris as a teacher.

“I had a lot of fun with WHAP and I’m a big history and social studies fan, so that’s really why I took it,” said Miles.

For more help, guidance, or questions on college applications, teacher recommendations, or college information. Contact your guidance counselor or Career Counselor Gretchen Jefferies.