Brick & Mortar Attendance

Student Absences

  • Students returning to campus after an absence must report to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE to receive an ADMIT before class begins at 7:20 a.m.
  • Students who report to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE for an ADMIT after 7:20 will receive a tardy unless they have a pass from the teacher.
  • Students must bring a signed parent note or signed medical note by a medical professional to receive an excused absence.EVEN WHEN THE NOTE IS FORGOTTEN, students must obtain an ADMIT the morning following an absence. Emails with a photograph of a signed parent note or medical note will be accepted.

            ***Reminder – CCISD District Policy requires a written note submitted within three days, or the absence remains unexcused.  Excessive unexcused absences may result in receiving an Attendance Warning Letter, which could result in Truancy court or potential loss of credit.   


Brick & Mortar Check In and Check Out

Student Check In

  • Students checking into school anytime during the school day must report to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE to receive an ADMIT.
  • The ADMIT allows the student into class.Students keep the ADMITS and obtain teacher initials in the classes missed.Students are responsible for returning ADMITS to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE; teachers do not keep them.
  • If a student misses more than 10 minutes of any class period, they are considered absent for the period.


Student Check Out

  • Students checked out during the school day must be checked out by an adult (with identification) named on the contact list.Check out may be delayed if school personnel must research the situation.
  • Students will receive an Off Campus Permit.The permit does NOT excuse the absence; it only protects students stopped by police/truant officers on the way home.
  • Students should follow the attendance policy as above.Always report to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE prior to 7:20 a.m. with a signed parent or medical note.


*If your Brick & Mortar student will be out for an extended time due to illness, please contact the ATTENDANCE OFFICE. Once we receive medical documentation, your student’s teachers will be informed that your student will be attending their classes online per the time frame of the medical note. This will ensure that they will not be marked absent.*


Clear Connections Absences

  • If your student will be absent from a CC class, you may email the attendance office either a medical

note signed by a medical professional or a note with a parent signature.  The parent note could be a photograph of a note with a parent signature or a photograph of a medical note.

  • Please notate the classes missed to ensure proper correction of attendance.


Admits help the ATTENDANCE OFFICE maintain accurate records.  FYI – Emails will not be accepted as parent notes.  Emails with a photograph of a signed parent note or medical note will be accepted.  A note with the parent’s original signature must be on file.


Sylvia Rutledge A-La                    281-284-2120

Debi Clements Le-Z                   281-284-2153




Tardy Procedures

  • The Tardy Station policy will remain in effect for this year.
  • Passing time between classes is 6 minutes.Consult your Assistant Principal for special concerns.


If tardy, a student must report to the nearest Tardy Station (2 located downstairs, 2 located upstairs), and present student ID.


Student will immediately receive a printed notice of the tardy.  The student will be notified of discipline for tardies through their ItsLearning account. 

Discipline hours must be completed in 7 days from the date on the print-out.

Student must present the print-out to the teacher to enter the classroom after the bell.


If the student has no ID in hand, the student immediately reports to the office to receive a

new ID at a cost of $5.00. The ID cost is $5.00 every time issued.  If the student does not have $5 at the time needed, the cost will be entered into the Fines and Fees list.



Tardy Consequences


5 tardies          Warning

6-8 tardies       1 hour detention for each tardy

9-11 tardies     2 hours detention for each tardy

12-14 tardies   4 hours detention for each tardy

15 + tardies     ISS and/or OSS for each tardy



Detention Options


Thursday         2:40 to 4:40, room 159


Saturday          8 a.m. to Noon, commons, enter the door by the Nurse’s office


Lunch Detention during Quest Hour, first come, first serve, room 159


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