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Michelle Buckley

Lead Counselor, Director of College Counseling

Julie Duane

Counselor, Aa - Do

Ronda Deyoung

Counselor, Du - Le

Gretchen Jefferies

Counselor, Li - Ra

Gary Tittle

Counselor, Re - Zz

Candice Richards

Counselor Special Education, Aa - Zz

Amanda Cavazos

Student Support Counselor

Amy Ruiz

Student Support Counselor

Linda Smith

College and Career Specialist

Jodi Masington

Admin Assistant - High School Head Counselor


Brook Course Selection 2023-2024

Course selection is an important and exciting annual event for students and parents beginning in intermediate school and through a student's High School journey. To support selections, CCISD hosts parent information nights, prepares Educational Planning Guides and how-to guides to walk students and parents through the process. Students are encouraged to also talk to campus counselors and teachers for more information about courses and course planning based on a student’s interests and personal goals.

CCISD Car Rider Line Podcast

Calling all 8th grade parents! Course registration for incoming 9th grade students is coming up in early February. Learn more about the process and what is offered in high school. A Parent Information Night & Course Fair will be held on Feb. 15 to meet with staff and learn more about Clear Brook.

Course selection window opens on February 7-21 in Skyward.

2023-2024 Course Selection Dates

February 7
Skyward opens for course selection. Students can begin entering requests for 2023-2024 school year. 

February 7-10
Counselors meet with Intermediate students

February 9
Course Elective Fair during Quest Hour for students in current grades 9-11

February 14
Lesson in Advisory class about course selection for students in current grades 9-11

February 15
Course Expo Events

  • Parent Meeting 6:00 pm
  • Course Expo  6:30 - 7:45 pm
  • Honors/AP/GT Parent Meeting
  • 6:30 - 7:15 pm
  • Special Education Parent Meeting 6:30 - 7:15 pm

February 16

Lesson in Advisory class about course selection for students in current grades 9-11

February 21-23
Counselors available to students during Quest Hour

February 23
Skyward window closes for course selection

April 10
Course Selection Verification begins - Last Chance to look at Course Selection

April 28
Deadline for all course selection changes – no changes after this date