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CBHS Parking

Parking Permit Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Valid Texas Driver’s License
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (Student’s name and car MUST be on policy)
  • $35.00 fee
  • Car must have Texas Plates
  • Must be clear of all fines

CBHS Parking Rules 

  1. Each vehicle parked on campus (including motorcycles) MUST have a current parking permit.  Students are not allowed to sell or give their permits to another student. Any vehicle on campus is subject to a search per CCISD policy.
  2. Parking permits must be affixed on the front windshield right passenger side, lower quadrant.  Permits MUST be permanently fixed and easily visible or a citation, and/or booting/towing will result at the owner’s expense. 
  3. To register a vehicle, the student must have a valid Texas driver’s license, Texas license plates on the vehicle, and proof of insurance with both the student and the vehicle listed on the policy.  The cost is $35.00.  Temporary plate registration will be allowed, but the student will need to update the parking office immediately upon receipt of the permanent plates.  Failure to do so may result in a boot, towing and/or loss of parking privileges.  The parking office will be checking temporary plate updates regularly.
  4. Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another.  Students are required to notify the office IMMEDIATELY if they are driving another vehicle.  Temporary parking permits are only issued to a student who has previously purchased a Brook parking permit.  If a student permanently changes cars during the year, the old sticker must be turned in to the office before a new one can be purchased.  The cost is $2.00.  A student may not obtain a temporary parking permit for another student’s vehicle.
  5. Students’ must park in designated student parking spaces and areas.  Vehicles parked in visitor spaces, teacher & coach’s lots, driveways will be given a citation, booted or towed.  A parking map is attached.  Students with more than three (3) PARKING CITATIONS during the school year will have their permit revoked for the entire year “I didn’t know” will not be accepted as an excuse.
  6. During the fall semester, any vehicle left in LOT # 1 (marching band practice area) after 3 PM will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
  7. Permits may be revoked with warning or notice for any violation of the student code of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook, as well as any reckless driving (speeding, loud stereo on campus, etc.); this applies especially to students caught leaving/returning to campus without permission, off limits in the parking lot without permission, or who are excessively tardy to class.  The maximum speed limit is 10 mph. 
  8. Students, who leave school in a vehicle without permission and/or drive other students off campus without permission, will forfeit their permits and be subject to school discipline.    Clear Brook is not an open campus.


Towing Information


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